09.05 - Cleaning the box. Julia left home at 08.30.
An ordinary competition day in dressage for Julia and her best friend Carma. Dressage is not their favourite event since it involves so much calmness and disciplin - they like speed and jumping over big wood stocks - but everything they do together they do to grow, to push themselves to new levels. They like to challenge themselves - as a team.

It's Sunday. Julia prepared, cleaned and oiled her accessories on Saturday for a couple of hours. Even washed Carma with shampoo and water. 

Their start is at 14.09. Then they have 6 minutes to charm the jury. This shows a part of the preparations before showtime.
09.25 - Carma is in the box. She don't like to be clean, of course she had rolled herself in dirt when Julia came to the stable. Julia had to clean her up ones more.
09.46 - Julia is brushing the dirt away. Carma likes to be taken care of and shows her appreciation with brushing Julia's back.
10.13 - Brushing out the tangle from the mane.
10.14 - Brushing out the tangle from the mane.
10.18 - Brushing out the tangle from the mane.
10.47 - In dressage it's important your horse is good-looking. Julia is twining Carma's mane and making small knobs of it.
11.13 - Nothing is left to chance.
11.55 - Loading. Just by schedule. Off to the facility.
12.05 - Julia looks if Carma is ok after the transport. 
12.10 - Tanning.
12.29 - Julia suits up.
12.53 - Warming up. Carma is a bit tense.
13.16 - Focus.
13.39 - Some last turns.
14.05 - Showtime.
Julia and Carma was satisfied with their performance, unfortunately they didn't won any price but that was not the goal. The journey back home started at 14.50, Carma was together with her friends at the stable 15.30 and Julia was home 16.15. On Monday she must get back to Carma and clean the horse hauling.

All this. For 6 minutes. 
That's real dedication.

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By: Robin "Lave" Ohlausson

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